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5 Complimentary Services to Offer at your Auto Shop

Auto shops and automobile companies provide multiple services including maintenance, discipline, restoration, diagnostic, and repair. As we know, automobile companies and industries ensure the proficiency, functionality, and safety of your vehicle. To enhance the quality and quantity of services at your auto shop, make sure to have a look at the following points.

Free Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection Services

It is a great idea to incorporate in your auto shop business. Providing free vehicle inspections and services will not only attract customers but also increase your market value and demand. Free vehicle inspections and consultations can include,

  • Thoroughly inspecting brakes and air pressure in wheels. 
  • Check the lights and signals to ensure clear vision at night time. 
  • Assess the battery’s health, condition, and charging. 
  • Lastly, check the exhaust systems to ensure the engine quality. 

These steps can ensure the safety of your vehicle while minimizing fuel consumption and maximizing the vehicle’s functionality. Moreover, these steps can help you protect your vehicle beforehand.

Free Car Wash Services 

You can give complimentary car wash services to your customers with any paid service, who always choose your shop for their vehicle’s maintenance. Make sure you facilitate them with a complete procedure of rinsing, washing, and drying. As we know, complimentary services always increase the number of customers, and their satisfaction, and enhance loyalty.

Free Ceramic Coating as a Test

Many people want to restore or enhance the look of their vehicles. However, they are afraid of whether the color, paint, or coating will suit the car or not. For this purpose, you can guide your customers with free nano ceramic auto coating

Make sure to begin by guiding your customers by giving them free consultations about the benefits of the Nano coating, as it provides protection from UV rays and enhances the appearance of the vehicle by making it sleek, shiny, and glossy. Lastly, give a free patch test to your customers.

Free Assessment of Battery and Engine

Batteries and engines are the core parts of any vehicle, as they are responsible for the functioning of the vehicle. You can add the battery and engine’s thorough assessment in your complimentary services to make sure that the vehicles of your regular and loyal customers are up-to-date and safe for driving. 

For this purpose, make sure you visually assess the battery to find out any physical deformities, then assess the battery voltage, charging, and overall health. Lastly, provide free battery charging services with any paid service.

Free Consultations and Ideas for Classic Cars’ Restoration 

Many people have classic and antique cars, and they often go for restoration and upgradation. You can also add free consultation sessions to your customers about Classic Automotive Upholstery Restoration. This will help them decide which procedure and materials to opt for. Make sure you cover all the important points and provide guidelines in that session, such as the fabric and color of seats, cushion replacements, and patterned paint.

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